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All public events now require Public Liability insurances. Often the provision of first aid services is a requirement of this insurance, and this needs to be an independent and specialised service, and not just someone carrying a first aid bag.

We provide first aid services for events (up to 24 HSE points) using in the main professional first aiders, many of whom are also medical or first aid instructors.

This includes trained and certified first aiders, full first aid equipment, defibrillator and where applicable medical gasses too.

We can also provide services in excess of this, requiring an ambulance vehicle and trained staff where required and booked in advance. BelvoirCare is a founder member of the East Midlands First Aid Partnership, a group of first aid service providers in the East Midlands that share and support each other in training, provision, and governance.

We are experienced in providing off road support for horse riding events, mountain treks, mountain bikes, etc

As part of working with you, we also liaise with the local ambulance service on your behalf to ensure they too are aware of your event, and are able to assist quickly in the event of an emergency.

We do not insist on payments in advance, and will work with you to ensure the rate you pay is commensurate with your event, rather than having a fixed fee structure. However we will charge petrol expenses for all events more than 50 miles return from home base.

Typical events covered are:

- Fireworks
- Village Fetes
- Charity and other running events
- Fund raising events
- Theater
- Cycle rides
- Santa runs
- School events
- Concerts
- 4x4 and off road

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    Runs and sporting events

    Charity events, charity fund raising events
    (eg BHF, Dove Cottage, CHT)

  Fairs, conferences and exhibitions

    Horse shows, Christmas and other celebrations

              Fireworks and open air concerts

    Duck races, village fetes, charter fairs, open days

         Commercial events, fun runs, and specialist
          sports events.

Food festivals, such as the Melton Mowbray Cheese Fayre, East Midlands Food festival, and local village food events.

Off road events, mountain biking, horse riding, radio communications can be provided, or partner with third parties such as RAYNET

Charity mountain walks

Photograph reproduced by kind permission of:
Derbyshire Photo www.derbyshirephoto.co.uk 01246 567024

Music festivals, theater, village concerts

Village fetes.